Jaime - "Everything 100" ft. Bdotissa

Jaime and Bdotissa, two artists from the German music scene, came together to create "Everything 100". A track that sounds with current freshness, which presents an urban pop with elements of rap and trap, with electronic music instrumentals. "Everything 100" is a clear summary of the musical styles that influence Jaime's work. This work, that was in charge of the producer Joe Styppa, is also an advance of the album in which Jaime is working. This recording is Jaime's debut album. The creative process was developed in an environment full of art and friendship. All the people who were, in some way, connected with the process, left their personal mark. The feeling generated by Jaime's music offers remnants of the particularities of Jaime's lifestyle. When the question arises about the style that best fits Jaime's musical creations, it would not be wrong to respond: Electronic Pop. Nor would it be unwise to say rap, trap, rhythm and blues. With these aesthetic lines, Jaime displays positive energy that invites you to move your body, to dance to demonstrate the good sensations generated by your musical creations.

Jaime's sound proposal refers directly to the Berlin Friedrichshain. That characteristic is almost undeniable. But you can not avoid perceiving alpine rock paintings. Jaime understands that these opposing realities can exist in the same work. Jaime says, how an expression of principles: "You are not in the city, the city is in you". The theme was recorded and mixed in Styppa Studios, with the production and mixing of Joe Styppa; the co-production of Martin Baumgartner. Philip Welsing was responsible for the mastering. The video clip was made by Moritz Hahn for MOHA video. Joe Styppa has done production work for pop artists, hip hop, and incidental music for audio-visual narrations. The German producer considers that the most important thing, when starting a job, is the intensive examination of the project. For that reason, it begins to produce the discs from the rehearsal room of the band or artist. In that part is responsible for stabilizing the harmony of the different sounds that make up a song.

In addition Jaime dictates a series of workshops directed by bands that start and young musicians who seek to achieve a professional practice of music. It is a training focused on reinforcing the experience to reduce the amount of mistakes that can be made at the beginning of the career in the music industry. Training, unlike traditional training in music schools, has an effect with much more scope. The bands also see a broad panorama of what is the job of carrying out a band, the business administrative part that defines success or failure and the context considered by the music industry.

All images, courtesy of Jaime