Molly Moore - Vibes feat Keenan Charles


Molly Moore has a warm voice, which allows the melody to relax on her strength and express herself in that way. In her single Vibes that thing stands out from the firsts bars, and then reaffirms that strength with the rapper skills of Keenan Charles.

Molly Moore's style is a tidy and contemporary rhythm & blues, with psychedelic details and pop cadence. While Keenan Charles's rap skills make an interesting contrast by using fast and uncomplicated metric structures, a hard-core imprint with style from the East Coast in the 90s.

Molly Moore is a singer, songwriter and producer born in New York, today based in Los Angeles. The artist was raised in an eclectic household in Hastings on Hudson, NY was inspired by strong female artists like Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morissette, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani. Molly started releasing music independently, receiving attention from Spotify, iTunes and blogs. As a young female in the music industry, Moore is not dreaming only about the music career, but she hopes to be a powerful voice for female entrepreneurs.


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