MOUNT & Noize Generation Release New Single "Around The World"

Around the World is the new single from MOUNT & Noize Generation, released on November 9th. The material is a reinterpretation of the successful version that the German band A Touch of Class (ATC), released in the year 2000. The original version is Pesenka of the Russian group Ruki Vverh. MOUNT is a DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist born in Austria. His profile, on the streaming site Spotify , exceeds 45 million transmissions. And by month it reaches 30 thousand transmissions, with a worldwide reach. With the single Something good achieved international repercussion in the chains of radio of traditional broadcasting. The tunes that MOUNT & Noize Generation composed in Around the World stand out like the brightness of a laser beam that pierces the darkness of the dance floor. The voices have the exact sweetness to achieve the delight of the ears without impaling the senses. The rhythmic section marks a sharp and hypnotic step that proposes the adventure of a journey without a defined destiny. The artists managed to capture the essence of the version that A Touch of Class published in 2000. They respected the elements and the proportions of the original recipe, but they put the freshness and novelty in the ingredients.

On his version of Around the World MOUNT marks that: "It is the first release I made this year. I find it very exciting to be consistent with the activity of producing and releasing music. The Around the World version that we created with my friend Noize Generation is versatile. It is suitable for playing on the radio while driving in the car; It is also a wise choice if you want to activate the heat on the dance floors. I can not wait to start playing with the energy of the people on the dance floor, and the power and the mystery of Around the World.” Jewgeni Grischbowski aka Noize Generation is a DJ from Electro House. In 2010 he managed to access the number 4 spot in the clubs lists of Germany with his first single Get The Fuck Up. He has also collaborated with top artists in the global elite, performing remixes for Gorillaz, OneRepublic and Skrillex. It has been presented in South Korea, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. In 2014, he signed with Universal Music.

In addition to the work MOUNT does in his original compositions, he is an exquisite expert in the remixing discipline. His quality earned him the confidence of m83 artists, Tom Odell, Milky Chance and Filous, to perform official remixes of his songs. MOUNT and Nicolas Haelg together, released Something good in 2015. The composition began within the top ten streaming site Shazam within the United Kingdom. They were in the first place of Hype Machine, the site that indexes music sites to compile the publications with the result of helping the user find the best new music. Something good exceeded 25 million broadcasts a long time ago. The meter continues to increase. They had the support of great communicators like Pete Tong, inside BBC Radio.

All images, courtesy of MOUNT