OIJ Explores In 'Seconds Away From Love' How Distance Affects Feelings

On November 30, OIJ released Seconds Away From Love, the new single produced at his headquarters in Amsterdam. This piece represents the action of breaking new musical grounds. Seconds Away From Love is another step in the career of the producer who has already achieved relevance in the scene with creations such as Back to the Start, which counted with the participation of the Polish singer Gia Koka. The intention to create a chill out climate is perceived at the base of the two compositions. Although in Seconds Away From Love there is an aesthetic relationship between the elements that reminds British pop of the nineties in the voices, electronic music of the same period and a little later in its rhythmic sections; all amalgamated with a newly freshness. According to OIJ, the author of Seconds Away From Love, the song is a musical work that explores the sensation of being, at the same time, near and far from the object of desire. “It's a song about being very close, having the sensation of being touching or feeling, even when there is a great distance that separates us”.

The artist is certain that this feeling, is a phenomenon that has happened to many people, and if not, it is very likely to be experienced sometime in life. He adds that this happens "especially in the time that we live, in which people are in constant connection with each other (through technological possibilities), even when we are in separate parts of the world." OIJ usually finds inspiration in the geographical location in which he finds himself when he is composing. But it is not the only influence that drives him when he uses his creativity. The environment that surrounds it. The mood, yours and the people who are with him. Even events that occur in places around the world have influence on his musical choices. Beyond affecting distant places, when there is a fact that really impacts his sensibility, that impact affects his creations also.