Palastic Premieres Goldmine, A happy And Contagious Song

With the musical endorsement of Universal Music Germany, the duo of dj Palastic premieres Goldmine. The song is an accumulation of good taste, with elements of electronic music that mark the rhythmic time. On this beat they build a melodic line with an aesthetic with pop development. The work of musical production on the voices, makes them harmonise with the rest of the composition. In this way, it slides over the marked riffs of the melodic section, and adjusts with ease, between the rhythmic intervals. Palastic says about Goldmine: “We love this track. We wrote it in the first sunny days of spring. We were surrounded by good vibrations. This state of mind was translated into a happy and contagious song. We are very excited about the premiere of Goldmine.” Since they began producing musical pieces, in 2016, Palastic has managed to exceed 15 million views on streaming sites. His style can’t be defined other than multi–genre, because eclecticism is its main characteristic.

Photo: Flo Moshammer - FEO

Palastic is based in Vienna, Austria, and consists of two people: Phillip and Sebastian (his other known AKA). The two members of Palastic are people of great abilities. They make musical production, they have multi instrumentalist capacities: they play guitar, piano and drums. In addition, Phillip is close to finishing his studies in architecture, and Sebastian is a space scientist. The two artists have different characteristics, which gives Palastic a heterogeneous order. Sebastian has a background to compose songs and interpret them with his voice. Philipp's experience is based, mainly, on playing on the turntable. The influences that underlie Palastic's creations are electronic music, house, pop and hip hop. With 15 million reproductions, they have been represented by several labels with less business presence than Universal Music, (but not less important in their career) such as the Austrian Good Life Music, or the Dutch Knight Vision. In England they obtained the attention of the radio of the BBC, that realised the diffusion of several of its songs. Palastic had several caresses from the specialized press, as well as the public. When they made a remix of "Shaded" (Filous feat. Jordan Léser) they reached the second place in Hype Machine. With his song "Side Note" also, second place in lists of his country. The YouTube channels MrSuicideSheep and La Belle Musique gave them time to praise them in their programs.