The Chainsmokers Add The Last Song 'Hope' To Their 'Sick Boy' Album

The Chainsmokers have successfully concluded their project Sick Boy by adding to it the last song, Hope. The duo have realised it together with Stockholm-born vocalist Winona Oak. Based on the relatable subjects of the entire project, The Chainsmokers proceed with a colourful and feeling driven atmosphere, while crossing over numerous genres.

The track's beat and light synth designs make a vivid-house feel, including a calming background for its sections of consolidated vocal commitments from Winona Oak and Drew Taggart. The video features the trio laying on the floor overlaid with beautiful glimmering lights as Oak's voice glides over the substantial beats and cheery song. The Swedish vocalist is the fundamental focal point of the video, wearing a tan trench coat and red wool shirt, as the electronic duo slides around the floor likewise wearing designed shirts.

Now that Hope has also been published, the track list of the new album Sick Boy has finally been unveiled entirely. Check it out on their official Spotify channel.