'The Land Of The Free': The Killers Denounces Anti-Immigration Policy

The Killers, the group original from Las Vegas, travels the roads to present their new Album: Wonderful Wonderful. Ranked number one in sales, they remain very worried about the social and political conditions of their country. In recent weeks, the subject has received major attention because of the construction of a wall to protect the border with Mexico. It is true that Donald Trump's economic and administrative management affects millions of Americans; we are talking about the shutdown of several government departments and an imminent return to technical unemployment. Designated as the longest shutdown in history!

This video clearly denounces the anti-immigration policy of Donald Trump. The American filmmaker, Spike Lee, honoured at the Cannes Film Festival for his film "BlacKkKlansman" intervenes brilliantly. We are witnessing a desecration of the "American dream" with iconic words such as "Incarceration's become big business", exposing the problems of racism, violence and xenophobia that gangrene the country. The video clip connects Mexican migrants seeking refuge with immigrants who have arrived on Ellis Island (NY) in past centuries.