Tiësto: 'Grapevine' An Auditory Experience

Unveiled for the first time at Ultra Music Festival (Miami), the young composer Tiësto explores the sensory dimensions of the human with Grapevine: an eventful title, on which we share the desire to dance. Ranked as the "Best DJ in the World" by Mixmag and the "Biggest DJ of All Time" by DJ Magazine; the Dutch showcases the musical experience of a child.

In his video, he relates the sensations we feel when a strong emotion passes through us. Dramatic images on a voice of Marvin Gaye. A lively Bass House rhythm and measured energy; an eclectic illustration combining painting, animals; an overall cohesion giving way to a rich potential for expression. A real transcendence of oneself and one's own mental boundaries. Tiësto lives in Hakkasan, Las Vegas, throughout the year; he will participate in iconic scenes such as the Super Bowl.