Zander Bleck + Avi Snow - Forget You

The music video for the news song “Forget You” was directed by Zander Bleck himself. The refined aesthetics of the video shows the musician's background in the modeling industry. The visuals and the performance of Zander in front of the camera is a proof of that.

A competitive athlete from New Jersey, Zander moved to New York where modeling paid the bills and set the stage for his journey. “I developed a certain type of fearlessness,” Zander remembers. “When you get that hardened skin it prepares you well for the music business.”

Avi Snow, guitarist of City of the Sun, had his presence in music and video. There is a black and white refined style, like some perfumes films, which is balanced with an edition and touch-ups of powerful colors. With just few elements and a lot of good taste, the video creates a narration that agrees perfectly with the music and the poetics of the song.


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