ZENDR Releases ‘Simply No Better’ In Collaboration With James Chatburn

The premiere of Simply No Better confirms the expectations that ZENDR generated with the singles that he has already released with the Absent Mind record label, when he debuted with Skin Deep in July 2018. In Simply No Better ZENDR has the collaboration of James Chatburn. The track with premiere in November 2018, provides the sound elements to create the atmosphere necessary, to highlight the metaphysical sensitivity of the voices. The instruments generate the needed containment mesh to protect the vocal explorations. The rhythmic base imprints a marked electronic step, which provides the mood to uncontrolled the body to the beat of the track. The melody comes from a set of string sounds. The result is a progression of strident riffs like brass. The expressiveness of the musical base is an exquisite complement to go with the work of the voices.

Just like Simply No Better, Skin Deep has the collaboration of a colleague of ZENDR. The singer and songwriter Jessica Wilde brought her musical talent and sensibility to the track. The song is a piece of minimalist expressions, with distorted sounds, the bass line with synths exploding with white noise. And not many more elements. The sensuality that Jessica Wilde achieves when expressed on the relaxation of the rhythm makes "Skins Deep" a delight down tempo piece. The Absent Mind study refers to itself as a place to go and discover hand-picked artists and sounds that soothe the soul and release the mind. On the style of his musical creations, ZENDR is as direct as cryptic: Different Day Different Vibes, he says. Although, the works that he has available in the social network to share music in streaming Soundcloud, are cataloged with the labels of rhythm and blues, and soul. November 30, 2018 is the Simply No Better release date. The RedBull Music Studios in Berlin, Germany, the meeting place. Live streaming via Facebook the transmission medium.

James Chatburn settled in Berlin in 2015, coming from Australia, his native country. He came with the project to grow in his career as a professional musician. He settled in a small room, in an abandoned office building from the time when there were two Germanies, separated by the Berlin wall. Chatburn toured with the group The Internet, when the band from Los Angeles, California, performed in Berlin. In 2017 he participated in the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp 2017, invited by the commercial representatives of the Austrian brand of energy drinks. Among the collaborations as professional transfer, James Charburn participated with the vocalist and musician Jordan Rakei AKA Dan Kye. In addition to being a producer of his material, Rakei was also nominated for a Grammy. He also works with the hip-hop artists Hilltop Hoods, enshrined in Australia, pioneers in style in their home country, and are currently in the category of legendary artists within their context.