ZES Releases The New Album 'Closer'

Closer by ZES, is an album connected with the range of feelings where the human sensibility goes through. The Dutch artist expresses himself through the insertion of disparate sound elements. When his resources do not seem sufficient to him, he relies on the ability of singers to add poetry to his compositions. With six months of work with the producers of the CloudKid label, ZES produced a multi-faceted range of melodies that rest on electronic beats. On this basis of rhythms and harmonies, vocal works are interspersed with samples to achieve a counterpoint between the elements. This is how ZES generates an atmosphere of gravitational tension between the sounds.

Image: Isolde Woudstra

The gallery that makes us travel ZES, with Closer, takes us to unexplored corners of the sensations that, to a greater or lesser quantiti, we all know. The performances of Trench Dreamer, Anuka, Belle Doron and Saro add to the songs in which they participate, the expressive capacity of the words. The featuring use quiet and relaxed pop melodies, structures and powerful rap cadence, to complement the work of ZES. The artist reached a point of maturity in the practice of his artistic activity. Closer is the work of an artist who knows himself and allows to be recognized by the listener. Faded is the first single, which was published on the YouTube account of Cloud Kid, and reached 100 thousand views in the first weekend of its release. You can also listen to the full album in the official accounts of ZES.