ZES Releases The New Single "Catastrophe Anthem Rewarped"

Listening to the new single of ZES allows us to enter the daydream of creating beauty from the calamity. The atmosphere generated by ZES oxygenates the environment in a way that allows us a direct connection with feelings. His intention, and what he accomplishes, is to create moments of reflection and relief. He is based on the belief that there are feelings, emotional and deeply existential, in each and every one of us. That is what “Catastrophe Anthem Rewarped” reaches. The single is an official by Warp approved rework - Rewarp - of two Clark tracks. ZES is so ingrained in the habit of connecting feelings, to give them cause in a musical creation, that his new tune is another successful attempt, in his search for musical expression of feelings.

The Dutch artist has clear that the sensitivity of each person, interprets the emotions with slight variations. In spite of this, he celebrates the luck that he has, when he notices that the main feeling, which he sought to convey, is that which reaches people. Even when he is dedicated to the creation of electronic music, its compositions do not respond to the typical structures, and are not assembled from the elements or ingredients that takes the music of an artist to rave’s dance floors.

This is something that ZES loves. Loves to live in a moment where musical creations that respond to different interests can find their own space. Loves the fact that music at 125 beats per minute, that leads the people to jump and dance, is a monopoly of tastes and creative intentions. Although the music of ZES has a marked tendency towards electronic sounds, it uses a large number of analog instruments. Both to develop the sounds for the melodies and the harmonies, as well as to plot the rhythmic sequences of the percussion. And, it is even allowed to use an acoustic guitar as well as an electric guitar, and a guitar hybrid with bass strings. Being part of a movement that tries to escape this, to challenge people and surprise them, makes he feels great.

All images, courtesy of artist: ZES