Björk released her beautiful "Black Lake" video

The great artist Björk had released her new striking music video "Black Lake" from her latest LP, Vulnicura. It is a beautiful 10min clip shot in Iceland and directed by Andrew Thomas Huang. It opens with Björk kneeling in a cave, then the singer stand and walks, but falls continually. As she gains her footing, she moves forward with a strong physicality.

 Neon blue lava pours out of the ground and Björk's movements intensify, culminating in a sequence in which she beats her fist against the ground and, later, her own chest. The video fades and reopens with Björk walking through a desolate landscape — though swaths of green grass and a new costume, complete with a billowing pink cape, create a sense of hard-won renewal and freedom.
Dana DimitrasComment