Subcarpati: Folklore Under A Modern Light

Subcarpati is a Romanian band founded in 2010 by Bean(Alexe Marius Andrei). The band is playing folklore, but it is not a simple one. The band, through their originality, was able to bring Rumenian traditional music to a next level. In fact they are combining folklore with modern hip-hop, electro, etc.

"At the beginning I wanted to sing folklore, but I didn’t find a choir, disappointed I realised I couldn't do it. Then I thought I like folklore very much, I have a microphone, I have a good voice and I know playing different instruments, this is how two big things unified: my rap production with my will to sing folklore. It was most a necessity lied to my spirit and my passion, also to live again emotions from childhood. It is important that we manage to bring young people back to traditions. We are speaking through music without the wish to alter nobody's mentality", said Bean. 

In June 2011 the band releases its first compilation, "Culese din cartier", which featured important names from the Romanian music industry: Matze, Silent Strike, Gojira, Undoo, Liviu Vasilica. The second album, "Underground Folclor" was launched in June 2012 and their third album "Pielea de gaină" was released in June 2014. 
photo: Daniel Opriș

photo: Daniel Opriș

Courtesy: Subcarpati