Zebra Katz's 'Hello Hi' video inside Rick Owens's Paris home

'Hello Hi' is the new music video directed by Zebra Katz, alongside Nina Simone and Patrick Stemelen. It was filmed at Rick Owens' Paris home and is a perfectly minimalistic take on lust and longing, blending elements of desperation and glamour into one alluring project.

"This release is an ode to lust and longing. It's an honor for me to present this video. Rick Owens and Michele Lamy have been a tremendous force in helping the world hear and know about Zebra Katz. Four years ago after "Ima Read" was played on a loop for duration of his runway show I would have never imagined that my life would have taken the turn it did. Immediately after watching the youtube clip from the show in Paris, I quit my management job and began pursuing a creative life. I've been very lucky to tour my live performances worldwide and to grow as a musician since then and I still thank Rick and Michele to this day for their support."

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