Adam Katseff

Adam Katseff was born in North Andover, Massachusetts and currently lives and works in Palo Alto, California. He received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, and an MFA from Stanford University where he now teaches. His work has been shown at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, The Lab, Root Division, Berkeley Art Center, and the Michael and Noemi Neidorff Gallery at Trinity University. He is the recipient of the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award, as well as the Anita Squires Fowler Award.

"With four separate, but closely related series, my work references subjects both elemental and deeply familiar: fire, land, the night sky, the empty room. Through use of minimal, subtractive form the viewer is invited to compose the remainder of the image themselves. In this way our experience of the work becomes at once universal and deeply personal – an exploration of the line between physical space and our psychological relationship to it. Whether an image emerges slowly from the dark or is dominated by light, these photographs convey a sense of place where past, present and future are collapsed into a single state of time. In this way, spaces of personal, shared or historical significance are transformed into places of spiritual significance. Something both intimate and sublime operates within these images, transporting us to a place outside of place, a time independent of time. This feeling of eeriness, of otherness speaks to a truth hidden behind everyday observation – a sense that what colors our experience is not merely a landscape, a room, a night sky, a flame, but something greater; something more."

All images: Adam Katseff