Chen Man: China's Hippest Photographer

Chen Man was born in 1980 in Beijing, China, where she studied graphic design at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is THE star of the fashion photo world in China. She made a huge impact when she started shooting the covers for the Chinese Vision Magazine. As her work hit the streets it was met with surprise and awe.People were not only blown away by the amazing photographic images combined seamlessly with computerized 3-d rendering, but also by the fact that the artist herself is a Beijing born girl who is only 28 years old.

Chen Man’s work is a combination of her skill with a camera, and her technical wizardry with a computer.With her fresh style and all this 3D technique she created her own style in photography. She does all of her post-production image work herself, from retouching with Photoshop, to 3-D rendering with 3-D max.She has an extremely strong aesthetic eye that brings out the best of her models, and consistently shoots for the Chinese make up artist Tony Li, and various celebrities from China and Hong Kong. Her work for Vision Magazine includes the covers from years 2003-2006 and 2007. She is also a regular contributor to the Chinese publications in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire. 

Her work is exposed in the most famous Chinese galleries and museums in China. In 2008 she was a part of the “China Design” exposition in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. One of her pictures was selected for the exposition’s advertisement.

Courtesy: Chen Man