Michele Durazzi

Using different 3D rendering digital tools, Italy-based artist Michele Durazzi explores the boundaries of architecture in what he has named “a trip within surreal minimalism”. In his series “Was ist Metaphysik?”, term originally used by German philosopher Martin Heidegger in 1929, Durazzi has created a series of surreal and digital photo artworks. A world of surreal and grandiose buildings, an imaginary cityscape where the only limits he inflicts himself is a clear preference towards geometry and simple visual compositions.

Michele Durazzi explains “Was ist Metaphysik?” as a storytelling through the architectural detail. The visual significance is not only what is meant to represent, but also the perspective which frames and contains. For each scenario, Durazzi lays a unique perspective for the camera and arranges the duality between human and construction carefully, using the white colour to reduce everything down to the essential: the symmetrical structures and the exploration of details and textures.

“The relationship with the human presence determines the scale, vastness and at the same time the heideggerian “dasein”, or being-there: the keystone of existentialist philosophy, for which any ontological significance is related to the subject that expresses, both as presence that as language”, explains Durazzi.

All images: Michele Durazzi