DroneSeed Is Planting Trees In Fire Devastated Areas

The recent out of control fires occurred in California is an example of how human beings becomes impotent in front of nature. This natural disaster had destroyed buildings and woods quicker than people can supplant them. In this difficult situations there are a lot of actions to be taken to remedy to the damages, and one of it is planting trees. Trees clear contamination from the air, improve water quality, give homes to creatures and enhance our lives in endless positive ways. Despite planting a tree could seem an easy process, it is a grimy and dangerous occupation that requires a relevant state of knowledge.

Nowadays environmental changes is a complex issue. Only the USA is losing millions acres of land a year due to fires. Considering the fact that it is timely difficult to replace woods, throughout the years, there have been also less and less assets with which to face this problem. That is the reason why DroneSeed has proposed an innovative answer for the issue of planting seeds in territories crushed by rapidly spreading fires. The Seattle-based startup’ solution includes a mix of drones, AI and bioengineering, which fit for both choosing where to plant seeds and really planting them.

DroneSeed aircraft fly low and individuate "microsites" where specific trees, specifically biomes, are required to flourish. They can plant quicker, more secure, and with payloads that have demonstrated promising germination rates. DroneSeed shield trees from intrusive species and poisonous weeds, for example, Big-Leaf maple, Himalayan blackberries, and Scotch Broom by utilising exact herbicide application. By flying low and implementing a precise positioning, they can go where different other drones can't and reduce the usage of herbicides by half or more. DroneSeed has obtained a licence from the Federal Aviation Administration, that allows it to securely and proficiently control numerous unmanned flying machine over the 55lbs weight. At the moment no other drone company in the nation can legitimately work with such overwhelming lift, which implies that DroneSeed can work to cover bigger territories.