Ecosia: The Search Engine That Plants Tree

Trees are the most efficient carbon filters on earth and as such, a key factor to mitigating climate change. So what if planting trees was as easy as searching the web? It is, with Ecosia. Like most search engines, Ecosia shows ads next to the search results, both of which are powered by Bing. This is what makes Ecosia special: it uses at least 80% of the surplus income from said ad revenue to support reforestation projects. Basically, Ecosia capitalizes on an everyday technology and daily habit - that of searching the web - to have a positive impact.

Ecosia is currently financing reforestation programs in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Indonesia and Peru. These programs help employ communities, restore landscapes and turn deserts and barren land back into fertile forests. This doesn’t only help the environment and the planet’s CO2 balance, it also creates a world that is socially, economically and politically more sustainable. Around 5 million users have already switched to Ecosia and are helping finance a new tree every 5 seconds (that’s one tree every 50 searches). Just imagine how many trees could be planted and how many communities could nurtured if Ecosia had ten times as many users? You can also contribute to a better future by switching today to

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