IBM Introduces The First Commercialised Quantum Computer

Designer: IBM

Project Name: IBM Q System One™

Description: IBM Q System One™ is the first step of the integrated quantum computing, towards the availability for commercial use by civil clients. System One represents the exit from the laboratory of the technology of qubits and superconductors. To work stably and optimize the use of Qubits, System One controls electromagnetic radiation, stabilises the temperature and absorbs vibrations. The exterior design was in charge of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, made up of Map Project Office and Universal Design Studio from the United Kingdom, Goppion from Italy, in addition to the IBM design team.

The technical structure has five bases that support it. First the quantum hardware that provides the qubits. Second the cryogenic engineering that keeps the temperature low. Third the electronics that controls the qubits. Fourth, the Quantum firmware that manages the processes, and system updates. And finally, it uses traditional computing, so that IBM Q System One™ can interact with the standard; in addition to executing quantum algorithms.

Image: IBM