NET GUARD Rescue People From High Altitude Emergencies

Designers: Liu Xiang, Diao Hao-Ming, Li Hao-Hu, Zhu Nan-Tong, Li Guo-Yu & Hu Zhen-Yuan

Project Name: NET GUARD

Description: NET GUARD is one of the 2018 winners of Golden Pin Concept Design Award. The concept was designed by six students from Guangdong Polytechnic University. The autonomous UAV drone is meant to rescue people from high altitude emergencies, such as fires in high-rise buildings. A GPS is employed to identify the location of the possible disaster. Travelling at a high altitude allows the drone to avoid jams and reach the destination in less time possible. The device itself is produced using a fourfold layer of polyurethane, which is sufficiently able to hold an adult weight. Sensors monitor the unfortunates as they jump in the net, and situates the drones to catch them and bring to safe.The main idea of using these drones is to help people in highly risky circumstances.