Volvo Designs The Living Seawall To Fight Ocean Pollution

Brand: Volvo

Project Name: Living Seawall

Description: To fight ocean pollution, Volvo has collaborated with Sydney Institute Of Marine Science and Reef Design Lab to realise the Living Seawall. Made up of 50 tiles it is designed to imitate the root structure of local mangrove trees. The Living Seawall are added to the current seawall structure in Sydney Harbour and gives a natural environment to marine life. This helps biodiversity and draws organisms that ingest and filter out water contaminators like heavy metals. Researchers will keep observing the Living Seawall performance for the next 20 years. If more organisms will colonise this artificial wall, this will improve the water quality and habitat.

The Swedish vehicles company is known to be committed to build a sustainable future with innovative projects like the Living Seawall. Volvo Cars has planned already to remove single-use plastics from all their worldwide workplaces, canteens and events by the end of 2019. This will replace more than 20 million single-use plastics with sustainable reasonable choices.

Image: Volvo

Image: Volvo